Planting a Legacy…  a little idea dreamed up to expand the vision of a permaculture paradise.

Goal: To bring together people that would like to financially support a sustainable gardening approach with people who are responsible guardians of the land (with “ownership” rights) willing to donate their time and space to permaculture projects.  To enable people who either do not own any land (city dwellers, renters and such) or who live a more nomadic lifestyle to donate* and participate in planting a legacy

We can leave a legacy of abundance and nourishment when we choose to plant trees for the future and to foster a healthy relationship with the world that surrounds us and all the living things that we share it with.  We can show our gratitude for the amazing planet that provides for us by giving back, nurturing new plants and ecosystems, and learning to live in harmony with our environment.

If you enjoy the harvests of the land and do not have the time or place to plant more for the future, you can do so by donating* here.

Initially, donations will fund projects on our small family homestead in the north Georgia mountains as well as friends and family across the country who own property and choose to participate in the planting.  All donation partners will receive an explanation detailing how their funding specifically nourishes the circle of life (information about plants purchased and planted along with supporting materials to help them flourish).  Once plants start producing (several years in many cases), excess produce may be offered at farmer’s markets and donated to local food banks and families in need.

*Note: In an effort to get this site and idea shared in time for Earth Day, April 22, 2012 (only a few days after the initial thought struck!), an official non-profit organization has yet to be set up for tax purposes.  Therefore, all donations are considered as gifts (not currently tax deductible) until further research and planning can be done.  Hopefully, by next Earth Day, 2013, all the administrative details will be figured out and the anniversary celebration may include a true launch of the charity organization “Planting a Legacy.”  

Click here to give now and start planting a legacy.

Please contact Julia at if you would like to join the network of land guardians/trustees to donate your time and space and receive plants from funds in the future (all plants and materials will be shipped directly to participants and paid for with donations in advance, thereby removing any financial administrative responsibility from the gift recipients).

Contact information: send emails to Julia at

Permaculture as a systematic method was developed by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.