Foremost, to all those who choose to participate in planting a legacy!

To my parents, for sharing their generous spirits, love of nature, passion for gardening, deep respect for others, and commitment to freedom with me.  I hope this site and project will enable me to carry on this legacy in loving memory of my mom.

To Jack Spirko, founder of The Survival Podcast, for sharing his knowledge of permaculture on the show.

To Chris Guillebeau, author of The Art of Non-conformity blog, for inspiring me to act on this vision and create this site.

To Cy Sears, owner of Searious Graphic Design, for sharing his marketing expertise.

To my environmentally conscious, apartment dwelling, globetrotting friend from NYC who arranged to have trees planted in memory of my mom, which sparked this idea (thanks Debs!).

To my husband, for blessing me with the miracle of two children, for providing our family with a small farm at the end of a dirt road, and for sharing this awesome journey of life with me.

To my children, for all the joy they bring into my life daily, for the purpose they have given me, and for enabling me to see life through the eyes of a child again!